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Outdoor Heating

If you're looking to add heating to an outdoor space, you have a few options. Electrical or Gas mounted heaters that tie into your home's power or fuel source can be a convenient solution. We often lean towards natural gas or propane when recommending the least expensive ways of heating your home over the long term. Although natural gas or propane is a less costly method of heating, we often end up installing electric heaters in outdoor spaces. There are a few reasons for this. The up-front cost of purchase and install is less costly for electric heaters. While this shouldn't usually be the reason for choosing your heating method, when it comes to seasonal heating, and in a specific area like an outdoor deck or patio space, we've found that the level of use in these spaces is low. This means that the expense to you when you crank up those electric heaters for those times when it's most needed, can be justified. Electric heaters don't have the same placement restrictions as fuel supplied appliances. Gas heaters need to be placed in a well vented area for CO dispersion. Electrical heaters have a lot more flexible placement options. Whether you select electric or gas for your heating needs, either a certified heating or electrical contractor should be called upon to complete your installation to ensure the safety of your home and its occupants.


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